The founders of Boxcar Coffee Company, Rick and Care Wiersma, were Peace Corps Volunteers that met in Azerbaijan. Since serving there, they fell in love and are now married! Although their story is happy, the Peace Corps Azerbaijan program has since shut down because of negative government pressure towards organizations that promote democratic ideals. Using their company to give back to the Peace Corps is a great way for them to raise awareness for all the inspiring projects that can help promote peace throughout the world!



To kick off the new goal of donating a portion of our profits to Peace Corps projects, we made Boxcar tank tops. All of the profits from these shirts went towards the Peace Corps Global Fund that gives projects that much needed extra push to complete funding. Together, we raised almost $200 and all the profits went towards funding some really amazing projects all over the world! 

In the future, Boxcar Coffee Company will be advertising different Peace Corps projects that catch our eye, and donate a portion of our profits to these projects!