Boxcar Coffee Company is the Grand Rapids area's premier mobile pop-up coffee shop, rooted in a love for people and coffee. Its founders, Rick and Caroline Wiersma, know the perfect ingredients for a genuinely positive social experience. With their love for traveling and passion for finding good coffee beverages anywhere they go, it's assured that your search for excellent coffee will be a short one. 

Boxcar Coffee Company is so adamant about bringing approachable coffee to people, we bring the experience to you. From nitrogen fed cold brew, iced tea based "mocktails," to manually brewed coffee or espresso based lattes, Boxcar Coffee Company can set up in a farmers' market to serve you in your neighborhood, rain or shine. We can also bring the whole mobile getup to your next big event.  

Although the story of approachable coffee started with Rick and Caroline, it continues with you. Join the movement simply by the purchase of a coffee. We welcome questions about our coffee beans, brewing methods, ingredients, and materials used. We serve only the best to you and your family.